London Hearing

21 September 2018
10am – 4:30pm

Doughty Street Chambers
54 Doughty Street

The Airspace Tribunal invites representations from experts across a broad range of disciplines and lived experience, such as human rights, contemporary warfare, new media ecologies, climate change, environmental destruction, neuropsychology, conflict and forced migration, to discuss the challenges and consider the case for and against the recognition of a new human right to protect the freedom to live without physical or psychological threat from above.

Speakers include:

  • Kevin Bales CMG, leading authority on contemporary slavery and on the relationship between slavery, globalisation and environmental destruction
  • Zrinka Bralo, CEO of Migrants Organise, national organisation providing a platform where refugees and migrants organise for power, dignity and justice
  • Conor Gearty – professor of human rights law who has published extensively on terrorism, civil liberties and human rights
  • Nick Grief –  member of the legal team that represented the Marshall Islands and took the UK, India and Pakistan to the International Court of Justice for violating their nuclear disarmament obligations
  • Andrew Hoskins – media sociologist known for his work on media, memory and conflict
  • Shona Illingworth –  artist whose video and sound installations investigate memory, cultural erasure and structures of power in situations of social tension and conflict
  • Melanie Klinkner – transitional justice scholar majoring in international criminal justice with a background in philosophy, anthropology and biology
  • Catherine Loveday – cognitive neuropsychologist and expert on human memory
  • Anson Mackay, environmental geographer and expert on human and climatic impacts on some of the world’s most iconic freshwater ecosystems
  • William Merrin, a specialist in digital media and author of ‘Digital War’
  • Mark Sealy MBE, Director Autograph ABP, curator and writer who works with artists who use photography and film to highlight issues of identity, representation, human rights and social justice.

Counsel to the Tribunal:

  • Kirsty Brimelow KC, then Chair of the Human Rights Bar Committee and currently head of Doughty Street’s International Human Rights Team and part of the Doughty Street Equalities Team. Kirsty specialises in international human rights, criminal law, public international, constitutional and international criminal law.  Kirsty frequently advises before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the ECOWAS court in Abuja Nigeria, the Court of Appeal of Nigeria, the Superior Tribunal of Santander Colombia, the Supreme Court and Constitutional Courts of Colombia and the UN judicial processes and International Criminal Court.

The London hearing of The Airspace Tribunal was supported by the University of Kent, The Wapping Project and Doughty Street Chambers.